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House Of Flags has been trading since 1977, processing over 7,000 orders a year with a turn over of £4 Million.
Here's why our customers choose us...
Expert product knowledge
UK based in house print room
Managed large scale projects
We hold stock meaning shorter lead times
One stop shop for all display requirements
Average order is 3 days from order
Dedicated installation team
In house sewing room
ISO accredited and QA program

The UK's Most Popular Custom Flag Maker

Feather Flags

One of our most popular products, our feather flags come in different sizes and are printed with your eye catching design. From petrol station forecourts to exhibitions, feather flags are used by brands to promote themselves or their message.
Our feather flag range comes in four different shapes, we are also able to create a completely custom contour feather flag to whatever your idea is. This can include the shape of a car, person or a coffee cup. We have a number of feather flag fabric and base options available to ensure that we supply the right product.

Display Stands

When attending an exhibition or event you need to stand out from those around you, between our range of display stands and our exhibition products we are able to help you build the right display. Start of by choosing one of our gazebos, inflatable arches, pop up exhibition display stands, teardrop flags or a fabric tension wall.
This will give you a feature to then build your display around, next add one of our fabric tension display counters to give you a place to talk to passers-by from. Finish off your display with a tall feather flag, to ensure you can be seen throughout the event.


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Custom Flag Manufacturer

The UK's Finest Flags

House of Flags are well known for our amazing range of custom flags. With our collection of design ideas and in-house production methods, we create simply brilliant flags for all sorts businesses, brands and uses. With our most popular flag range including the versatile feather flag design, and elegant teardrop flags, businesses love the way our products can attract more customers and generate interest in their brand.

For business events, we can create exciting promotional merchandise such as our exclusive branded gazebos, teardrop flags, which can be moved around to suit, and even specialised flag poles to display your new flags from. A Custom flag allows you to shout out about your brand in a simple yet effective way.

Custom Flags for Businesses

Brand Awareness and Marketing Flags

Most of our custom flag designs are ideal for businesses to use as a great way to generate more interest in their brand, display helpful information and attract more customers. Flags can be used as a portable display such as when you attend a business event, fair, trade show or exhibition, or they can be a permanent structure at your business premises. Our versatile range of double sided teardrop flags are perfect for both portable and permanent structures for your business.

The great thing about ordering your flags to be custom designed by our team is that you can create a completely unique style and design which really works with your brand, your ethos and your business. We include options for different design features within our feather flag range, customising aspects such as the material choice, flag pole style and durability to suit your budget and requirements. Simply have a chat with our friendly customer advisors to begin designing your ideal custom flag.

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Why You Need Custom Printed Flags

Advertising and branding with flags

Using bespoke flags for navigation

Indoor and outdoor decor with custom flags


Flags for celebrations and festivals

Flags for sports events, private events and more

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Advertising and Branding

With custom printed flags, your advertising and marketing campaigns will be more effective and impactful. You can design your custom flags to display your  business's logo, tagline, or marketing message and significantly increase your brand visibility. Whether you’re using them at trade shows, conferences, storefronts or other spaces, flags can change your advertising and branding game. 

Navigation and Wayfinding

Did you know that your custom flags can also be used for navigation? Custom flags can act as a tool for wayfinding and lead customers to your business. You can design your flags to display directional arrows, maps or other visual cues to guide your customers and clients to your business's location or to specific areas in your shop.

Think about the next time you’re introducing a new product in your store. With custom printed flags, you can easily guide your customers to the area of your store where they can purchase them.

Indoor and Outdoor Decoration

With custom made flags, you can add a unique touch to your indoor and outdoor decorations. Flags are a great way to engage your customers and create a memorable visual impact. Outdoor custom flags can be designed to reflect your brand, theme or message so that it attracts customer attention and acts as a welcoming display. Your indoor custom printed flags can be used to create a point of interest in your office or stores and create a specific type of ambience. 


If your business is promoting a sponsorship, our custom printed flags are perfect for you. Whether it's a sports team or an event, custom flags will bring your business a lot of exposure. Your custom made flags can be used to showcase your business logo, name and other information to highlight your sponsorship. A well-designed custom flag also greatly helps in creating a positive association between your business and the event, which automatically boosts brand recognition. 

Celebrations and Festivals

Your custom printed flags are also the perfect addition to festivals, events and other celebrations. Our quality custom flags can be used for a variety of purposes, such as decorating your event spaces to add colour and festivity to it. With well-designed custom flags, you can successfully reflect the mood of an event and create a sense of excitement and anticipation among customers.

Our Custom Flag Collection

As one of the leading flag suppliers and manufacturers of custom flags in the UK, we have a range of different types of flags available for you. Here are some of them!

Sewn Flag

Sewn flags are traditional flags that are made by sewing together pieces of fabric. They are often used for national flags, state flags, and military flags, as well as for decorative purposes.

Feather Flag 

Feather flags are a type of custom printed flag that is often used for outdoor advertising and promotional events. 

Hand Waving Flags

Hand waving flags or hand flags are small flags that are designed to be held in your hand, perfect for sporting events, political rallies, parades, etc.

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