A popular banner display option, with a range of fixing options!


Banner arms are a great way of promoting your brands and promotional messages. We can make banner arms to fit flags and banners, and can be attached to flagpoles, lamp posts and walls. All of our banner arms have undergone rigorous testing, making sure they are durable and weather resistant. Our banner arms are made to the highest quality and help make sure your promotional displays can be seen at all times. Our professional installation team are also able install our banner arms, making sure they are installed correctly and look great.



Banner Arm Banner arms are extremely versatile, used on flagpoles, lamp posts and walls. Our banner arms are designed to ensure that your flags and banners can always be read and are always visible, ensuring that as many passers by are able to see your promotional messages and branding.

We have three banner arms to choose from, each with different properties and ideal for different situations. You can be sure to find a banner arm that will work for you.

We also offer the unique Flexi-arm which has been tested in wind speeds of up to 100 mph. This is our most popular banner arm as it is durable and can be fitted on any sized flagpole or lampost.

Whether you require an installation at one UK site or sites nationwide, our team can help. Maintenance contracts are available to ensure your banner arms are kept in the best possible condition.



Wall mounted banner arms allow you to hang banners from your building and show off your brand and promotional messages. Our wall mounted banner arms are great at grabbing attention and are often used by museums and galleries to show off their latest exhibitions and attractions. Our installation team are able to install all of our wall mounted banner arms professionally, ensuring that you have a high quality display that grabs attention. We have a range of standard sized wall mounted banner arms or can produce bespoke sized wall mounted banner arms to fit your banner sizes.

Our wall mounted banner arms are fixed to the wall by a steel mounting bracket.

Wall Mounted Banner Arm: Aluminium or Fibreglass (depending on arm chosen)  
Bracket: Steel

Standard Sizes:
Arm Length: 450mm (banner width 450mm)
Arm Length: 610mm (banner width 610mm)
Arm Length: 760mm (banner width 760mm)
Arm Length: 910mm (banner width 910mm)


Our lamp post banner arms are extremely durable and flexible and have been tested in wind speeds of up to 100mph. Our lamp post banner arm is ideal for use in high footfall areas, ensuring that your advertising is seen 24/7. We use a universal fitting band to ensure that our lamp post banner arms can fit most sized poles. Lamp post banner arms are greta at getting your promotional displays noticed and are often found in high streets and outside buildings. They help to make sure that your advertising banners can always be seen. Our installation team are able to install all of our lamp post banner arms, making sure they are installed professionally and display your banners correctly.

Suitable for all poles and posts

The universal fitting band means our lamp post banner arms can be placed on any pole regardless of size.

Banner Arm: UV Treated Fibreglass

Standard lamp post banner arm:  750mm (maximum banner length 3000mm)
Metro lamp post banner arm:  750mm (column diameter 76mm+, maximum banner length 2400mm)


Our flagpole banner arms are design to be used alongside any flagpole. We often supply flagpole banner arms for our aluminium flagpoles. Flagpole banner arms help to make sure you flag can be seen clearly, combine with our flag weights to make sure your flags are always visible and look effective. Flagpole banner arms are ideal for using with protrait flags, and are designed to fit most sized flags. Our Alcumus Safe Contractor assured installation team has vast experience in installing flagpole banner arms, making sure your flagpole display looks great and is installed professionally.

Used on all Flagpoles
Our flagpole banner arms are universal and can be used on any flagpole both GRP and Aluminium, meaning you do not need to worry if your flagpole is compatible with the flagpole banner arm.


Custom Sizes
Our flagpole banner arms can be cut to fit your exact size flag to ensure a quality appearance.

We also have standard sizes of 120cm and 150cm.

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