Grab attention and create an impact on customers and passers by!

Lightboxes are an impressive promotional display tool. The bright displays grab attention and create an impact on customers and passers by. We produce all of our lightboxes to bespoke sizes and have a choice of lighting options. We also have single and double sided lightbox options, which can be freestanding, wall mounted or hung.

  • Custom Size Options
  • Interchangeable Covers
  • Lighting options 
  • Fitting options



Lightboxes are the ideal way of grabbing attention and showing off your promotional messages and brand. We have a range of different options available to make sure your lightbox suits your display requirements and budget. 

Lightboxes are ideal for a range of display environments, whether for retail outlets, show rooms, exhibitions or in offices.

Choose from single sided or double sided lightboxes, including whether they are edgelit or backlit. You are also able to choose your preferred display method, whether its freestanding, hanging or wall mounted. 

Our lightboxes feature interchangeable covers, allowing you to update your designs and messages without having the cost of buying a complete new system. We print our lightbox covers in house at our head office in Cambridgeshire, making sure they are produced to the highest quality, showing off vivid colours. Bright colours are ideal for lightbox displays, making the colours pop when the light is switched on. Our in house design team can help you to get the most out of your lightbox design.


We make sure that all of our lightboxes are produced to the highest standard. All of our LEDs are safety tested and certified.

  • All lightboxes are provided with a 1 year warranty.
  • All lightboxes are CE rated and individually safety tested.
  • Each lightbox is supplied with a traceable serial number.
  • All Edgelit lightboxes include a Philips License.


  • 6500 kelvin colour temperature as standard
  • 0.77 watts per LED bulb
  • 24 volt operating voltage
  • 7250 Lumen per sqm (backlit lightboxes only)


Backlit Lightboxes

Backlit lightboxes are single sided lightboxes that feature LEDs mounted onto a aluminium backing fixed to the back of the frame. The cover is then attached to the front of the frame. This makes sure your cover is evenly illuminated. All of our backlit lightboxes despatched fully assembled.





Edgelit Lightboxes

Edgelit lightboxes allow for single or double sided displays. As per the name, edgelit lightboxes feature LEDs mounted to the top and bottom edges of the frame only. This means that large frames may not be so bright in the centre of the display. Unlinke backlit lightboxes, edgelit lightboxes are not provided assembled, this makes them more economical to ship as they are supplied flat packed. With the opportunity to assemble and unassemble, these lightboxes are easier to transport and can be used more easily at events and exhibitions.


Why should I buy a lightbox?

Lightboxes create a high impact display. The bright nature of the display help grab attention and show off your brand and promotional messages. We produce our lightbox covers in house at our head office in Cambridgeshire, making sure they are produced to the highest quality. If you are looking for a display that will stand out and look impressive, then the lightbox is the ideal solution. 

What is the difference between an edgelit lightbox and a backlit lightbox?

Edgelit lightboxes feature lighting fitted to the top and bottom of your frame. These lightboxes can be used for both double and single sided displays. Edgelit lightboxes are supplied flat packed and can be assembled and unassembled, making them ideal for moving around and taking to events or different display locations.

Backlit lightboxes can only be single sided. These lightboxes feature a back panel to the frame where the lighting is fixed to. With lighting on a back panel, the light is distributed more evenly across your display, making sure there is no dimmer patches. Backlit lightboxes are supplied fully assembled and can't be unassembled. This makes them more ideal for a permanent display solution.

Are your lightboxes safety accredited?

All of the lighting used in our lightboxes is fully safety tested, accredited and traceable. Our edgelit lightboxes come with a Philips license. We supply all of our lightbox frames with a 1 year warranty.

Can you offer double sided lightboxes?

Yes, our edgelit lightboxes can be double or single sided. Due to the nature of our backlit lightboxes we cannot offer these double sided with lighting to both sides. We can do double sided backlit lightboxes but only one side of the display will be illuminated.

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