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These flags are all printed mirror image!

If you want a double sided feather flag please click here


All of our feather flags for sale are custom printed to your bespoke designs. We also have a range of sizes for you to choose from and a wide range of bases, allowing you to display your feather flag in most environments, whether you want and internal or external display on hard or soft ground. We make sure our custom printed feather flags are produced to the highest quality, making sure that your display looks great and grabs attention.

Feather Flag Ranges
We have three different ranges available for our feather flag; budget, standard and premium. Each range offers different specifications and styles of flags, allowing you to choose the ideal feather flag for your display environment, including both indoor and outdoor displays.


Our flags are available in the following ranges:

Budget Range
Our budget range is cost effective and ideal for short to medium term displays. Our budget range is made from knitted polyester and have black or white sleeves. These printed flags use a flag pole made from lightweight fibreglass and do not include a carry bag. The bases available in our budget range do not include 360º spinners. (Our budget range has a minimum order number of 10 flags.)

Standard Range
Our standard range is ideal for short to medium term use and made from knitted polyester. These printed flags come with a self coloured sleeve and a 360° spinner. The flag pole is made from lightweight fibreglass and the carry bag is included.

Premium Range
Our premium range is more durable, ideal for medium to longer term displays. This range uses printed flags made from polymesh which is a permeable material allowing wind to flow through the flag more easily. This range has self coloured sleeves and a 360⁰ spinner. The flag pole is made from lightweight fibreglass and the carry bag is included.

We also offer a range of different shapes, including teardrop flags and portrait feather flags. We are also able to produce double sided versions, allowing your promotional message be seen clearly from either side of the printed flag. Our feather flags look great when used alongside some of our promotional display products, including our roller banners.



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Why You Need Feather Flags?

Most industries are not short of competition, which makes it more important to choose the right marketing materials to promote your business. Regardless of the event or occasion, when it comes to advertising your brand, you need to do whatever it takes to stand out from the crowd.

With our high-quality printed feather flags, you can rest assured that your brand’s message and offering will be clearly visible to your target market. Our eye-catching feather flags are also available in a wide variety of sizes and ranges, allowing you to choose the products that best suit your display space.

Our feather flags are also fully customisable and made from great-quality knitted polyester or polymesh, depending on your chosen range. We also provide feather flag bases, flag poles made of lightweight fibreglass, and carry bags to transport and store your flags. 

Choose our feather flags to make a lasting impression on your customers!

What Makes Our Products Special?

At House of Flags, we understand that different businesses require different types of promotional materials to advertise their products and services. With that in mind, we ensure that our promotional equipment is versatile and adaptable for various industries and display environments.

As experts in the field of manufacturing and supplying a wide range of promotional tools for businesses, we strive to ensure that our products are created to the highest standard with great-quality, durable materials. 

From banners and signage to display stands and advertising flags, all of our products are designed to suit your needs. Our products are easy to assemble and dismantle, and we provide carry cases for safe transportation and storage. 

With our marketing tools, we help you attract your customers, boost your sales, and effectively grow your business. Explore our wide range of promotional products to find the perfect match for your business.

Why Choose House of Flags?

At House of Flags, we have over four decades of experience in manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of eye-catching promotional products for businesses. As professionals in the field, we have gained essential knowledge about marketing materials and how they benefit various businesses.

With the expertise of our in-house print teams and graphic designers, we intend to provide you with exceptional and convenient-to-use promotional materials that can make an impact on your target audience. 

We have worked with numerous industries, and our experts can tailor our products and services to accommodate your business’ requirements, thereby offering a smooth and hassle-free experience.

We have a wide choice of custom landscape flag materials available, each of the fabrics have different characteristics and are suitable for different conditions, meaning we will have a material fit for your specific requirements. Our most popular flag materials include:

Standard Knitted Polyester: Over 90% of flags produced in the UK use this material, Knitted polyester is used both internally and externally. These flags are suitable for mirror image due to our digital print method.

Polymesh: 50% more durable than our standard knitted polyester, this is a permeable material that is suitable for all mirror image flags and for medium to long term use.


ECO Knitted Polyester: Produced from 100% recycled materials and meeting the same high quality as our standard knitted polyester. Approximately 2 plastic bottles have been used to make 1sqm of material. We can print vivid colours and crisp designs, making sure your promotional messages and branding stand out. Our Eco Knitted Polyester will provide you with an impressive looking display that is environmentally sustainable.


Our feather flags are available in the following sizes: 

Small - 1.7m x 0.54m

Medium - 2.3m 0.65m

Large - 3.25m x 0.8m

X Large - 4.5m x 0.8m

XX Large - 5.3m x 0.8m


  Budget Standard Premium
Material Knitted Polyester Knitted Polyester Polymesh
Sleeve Black or White Self Coloured to Match Design Self Coloured to Match Design
Spinner Rotation Fixed 360° Spinner 360° Spinner
Flagpole Lightweight Fibreglass Lightweight Fibreglass Lightweight Fibreglass
Carry Bag No Bag Supplied Canvas Zip Bag Included Canvas Zip Bag Included


**Please note that the budget range is per 10+ quantity. The sleeve is black and white and there is no spinner. Double sided feather flags are not included in the budget range.**  




There are a variety of bases that are available with our flags, including bases ideal for both internal and external environments. We offer a range of bases ideal for soft ground, including our budget ground spike and ground spike with spinner. These are ideal for outdoor events. We also have a range of bases for hard ground and indoor use, including concrete and water bases.

Our products are supplied ready to fly with a printed flag, flagpole and base and are easy and quick to install, with simple instructions supplied with your flag. 



Why should I buy a feather flag?

Our feather flags are extremely versatile and are available with a wide range of bases to choose from. Every feather flag has interchangeable printed flags, allowing you to update your promotional messages and displays. We also offer a wide range of other feather flag shapes for you to choose from, helping you to create a bespoke display that stands out. We are able to produce both double sided and mirror image feather flags, helping you to create a flag that suits your unique display requirements.


Are your flags supplied with carry cases?

Our premium and standard feather flags are supplied with carry bags as standard. If your buy one of our budget feather flags carry cases are not included as standard. All of our feather flags are supplied with printed flags, flagpoles and bases as standard.


Can feather flags be displayed indoors?

Yes, all of our flags are available with bases ideal for indoor displays. Our cross base is a great option for internal displays. We also have a range of bases ideal for outdoor displays, including our ground spike which is ideal for using on soft ground.


What other promotional display products can I use alongside a feather flag?

Feather flags are an extremely versatile product and can be used alongside a wide range of other promotional display products, including pop up exhibition display stands and branded Gazebos.


What is the best base option?

All of our feather flag base options are ideal for different display environments. For soft ground we recommend using a ground spike, internally we recommend a cross base and externally you can choose from a range of water fillable or concrete bases.

Ask us about our new Pollutant eating coating which we can apply to your flags!

EnhanceAir®, Powered by PURETiTM Light-activated coating that destroys air pollution.

When applied to outdoor advertising media, EnhanceAir turns any treated material into an air purifying surface that not only enhances human health, but contributes to the fight against global warming.

  • The coating is transparent and does not impact the appearance or durability of the ad itself.
  • Typically applied as the last step in the printing process.
  • No changes are required in the installation process.
  • It does not affect the recyclability of the material.


When UVA light energy activates the coating, it starts a chemical process that turns nearby oxygen and water vapor into two powerful cleaning agents (OH-* and O2-*)

• These two cleaning agents convert pollutants into harmless minerals and gasses.

• The active mineral is a catalyst, so it is not consumed in the process. It continues to work as long as it is on the surface and has access to humidity and light.

• The process happens only at the surface and repeats constantly to clean the surface and the air that comes in contact with it.

Why NOx?

Nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2) are formed during combustion. NOx is harmful in several ways:

• It irritates airways and increases susceptibility to allergens.

• It combines with other pollutants in the air to create smog, acid rain, PM2.5 and ground level ozone, which contributes to global warming.

• Increases risk of heart disease, stroke, COPD, and lung cancer.

• It has a much higher Global Warming Potential than CO2.


NOx is an indirect greenhouse gas. It does not trap heat directly, but leads to the creation of other gases, like ozone, that are greenhouse gases. It is included on the list of gases that countries report in their greenhouse gas inventories.


EnhanceAir fights climate change and improves human health by destroying NOx and other pollutants. It helps lower the greenhouse gas footprint, but not the carbon footprint.

Proven Laboratory and Real World Results

Using a test based on the ISO 22197-1 standard, we pass a fixed amount of NOx across a treated surface where the air is in contact with the surface for only 1 second on average before being replaced by new polluted air at the same concentration. The concentration of NOx is measured as it exits the chamber.

To help us process your artwork and orders efficiently please ensure your artworks meet the following requirements:


  • The artwork has been placed on the correct template, which will be sent to you.
  • All important images, text or logos are placed within the safe zone of the template.
  • The image quality is at 100% and is not pixilated or blurred.
  • No crop marks or registration marks have been included in the artwork.
  • The orientation of the artwork is correct and all of the artwork elements are in the correct positions, e.g. logos, texts and images.
  • No notes, descriptions or annotations have been left in the PDF file.
  • All of your artwork is saved in the Your Artwork layer and the INFO layer has been deleted before sending your finished artwork to us.
  • Your artwork has been provided in a PDF format.

These requirements are designed to help you provide artwork ready to process. Providing artwork in ready to process will help to speed up your order time.

However, if you are unable to provide artwork in this format we do offer an artwork support service, which will be able to handle most types of artwork.

Please note that currently we only offer products with a mirror image finish through our online shop. For double sided flags or more information on the difference between mirror image and double sided please get in touch.

Please note that we only offer UK delivery through our webshop.


For stock items and flagpoles we offer a 3 working day lead time and a 3 working day standard delivery time. We will always endeavour to send orders out as soon as possible.


For most digitally printed products we work with a 7 to 10 working day lead time. These times may vary and are not guaranteed. For larger products such as Gazebos, these have a 12+ working day lead time. All lead times are from artwork sign off.


If you have specific lead time requirements or would like more information on our current lead times, please don't hesitate to contact us. We aim to meet all our customers deadline dates (some tighter lead times may be subject to an express fee).


Next day delivery is not available for remote areas, Channel Islands, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Isles of Scilly, Highlands or the Scottish Isles.



We cannot accept returns of any of our bespoke products. All our products are quality checked before being dispatched. If you receive your products and they are substantially incorrect, please contact us within 3 days of delivery.


Stock items can be returned to us in their original packaging and unused, within 14 days of receiving your goods. The return cost will not be covered by House of Flags.

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