Dibond Signs

Durable & versatile, our most popular signage option!

Dibond signs are our most effective outdoor signs. Dibond is an aluminium composite that is lightweight but also extremely durable, with a rigid and strong nature. We can produce a wide range of dibond signs, from building signs to custom printed hoarding boards

All of our dibond signs are produced to the highest quality and are made to your bespoke requirements and designs. We can also produce custom, or contour cut dibond signs, which are cut to fit your designs and logos. This helps you to make an impressive sign that grabs attention and creates a strong first impression.

  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Bespoke Specifications
  • Installation Service Available
  • Design Support Available



Dibond signs are our most popular signage option, they can be used for both indoor and outdoor sign displays. Our dibond signs are made from a durable aluminium composite which is highly weather resistant and durable. Dibond signs are lightweight in nature but are also rigid and extremely strong, making them the ideal signage material. They are also easy to drill and install, with a range of display options available, allowing you to create signage which suits your display environment. All of our dibond signs are produced to your bespoke specifications and have a range of uses available, including:

  • Cut out lettering signs
  • Building signs
  • Custom printed hoarding boards
  • Panel and post signs
  • Large signs

We create our dibond signs to bespoke sizes and can even create custom cut or contour cut dibond signs, cutting the sign to fit your exact design shapes. This helps you to create impressive signage that stands out and grabs attention from potential customers.


Dibond is an aluminium composite that is highly durable and weather resistant. It is the ideal signage material for outdoor signs but also looks impressive when displayed indoors.

Dibond signage is lightweight, rigid and strong, making it the ideal signage material. This material also does not rot and features corrosion resistant properties, making sure that your dibond signage lasts a long time and looks effective.

We can print out dibond signage as single or doubles sided signs. We use vinyl graphics which are laminated onto our dibond materials, giving your more freedom over the colours and design of your dibond signs.


We can install our dibond signs in most areas. Our dibond signage is easy to drill, allowing us to fix it to your desired display space easily. We have a wide range of fixing options for our dibond signage, including hung dibond signs, screwed dibond signs and post mounted dibond signs. This allows us to provide you with an installation solution for most display areas, giving you the freedom to display your dibond signage is most environments and areas.

Our installation team have achieved an ISO standard for their installation. They are also assured by the Alcumus Safe Contractor scheme, helping us to assure our customers that all of our installation jobs are carried out professionally, and to a high standard. Our installation team are in house and are experienced in installing all of our dibond signs in a variety of different locations. We have access to large machinery and tools to ensure that our installations are carried out safely and professionally. Our installation team can carry out site surveys and produce bespoke installation plans before installing your dibond signage, helping to ensure that your signage is installed according to health and safety standards, and you are left with a great looking sign.


Why should I choose dibond signage?

Dibond signs are one of the most popular signage materials. It is a weatherproof, strong and lightweight material that makes great signs. All of our dibond signs are custom made to you and can be used for a wide range of sign displays, allowing you to create a sign that meets you unique display requirements. Our dibond signs can be used for both indoor and outdoor signs, but is most often used for outdoor signage.

Where is dibond signage best displayed?

Dibond signage can be used in any environment, its strength and weatherproof nature makes it ideal for displaying outdoors but it is also ideal for indoor displays and signage. We have a range of installation options for our dibond signs, giving you the freedom to display it where you like.

Can you produce bespoke shaped dibond signs?

Yes, we are able to create custom cut dibond signs that match your design shapes. We are also able to make cut out lettering from our dibond material, making it an extremely versatile signage solution.

What can dibond signs be used for?

Our dibond signs can be used for a wide range of signage solutions, including large signs, panel and post signs, custom printed hoarding boards, building signs, indoor signs and hanging signs to name a few. We can produce dibond signage that suits your display requirements.

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