Floor Graphics

Get creative with slip resistant floor graphics!


Floor graphics are the ideal way to get your brand noticed. They can be used to make creative designs on your floor, hide stains and marks, or even as directional tools for visitors. Our floor graphics are easy to apply and remove, giving you to freedom to keep your floor graphics up to date. All of our floor graphics and stickers are made to your exact specifications, including the size, shape, colour and design. Our floor graphics are attention grabbing and durable which provides you with an innovative way of promoting and advertising.

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Floor graphics are a great way of branding your building and showing off your promotional messages. Floor graphics are easily noticed by passers by and are a great way of grabbing attention.

We can print any design or colour, so whether you want to print full photographic images or bespoke designs and logos there is nothing to limit your design.




Floor Graphics


If you need some help bringing you ideas and visions to life, our experienced design team are on hand to help you design the right floor graphics  for your space.

We use the latest printing technology to create the highest quality custom floor graphics. Our colour management process means that we create vibrant tones and bring depth to your designs.

All of our floor graphics are made to you bespoke specifications, including the size and shape of your graphics. This gives you complete freedom to create floor graphics that suit your display area and floor size. You also have complete design freedom, as we use digital printers. This means there is no limit to the number of colours or the complexity of the design.

Main Features:

Our floor graphics are made with a unique coating that makes sure the ink dries tough. This prevents the ink from rubbing off helping to make our floor graphics more slip resistant. The floor graphics also feature an ultra tough polyester base, which helps to prevent the floor graphics from tearing and resisting damage from everyday activity, such as pallet trucks and stiletto heels.

Our floor graphics are easy to apply and remove. The tough materials help to make sure that the graphics do not tear into pieces when you are removing them, helping you to remove the graphics in one piece. The floor graphics also do not shrink, removing the risk of dirty adhesive forming around the edges of the graphics. This helps to leave you with professional floor graphics that are durable and look effective.



Our floor graphics have a very unique coating which is designed to eliminate laminating by absorbing and drying the ink tough. They offer the perfect solution for creating tough and durable floor graphics. Our floor graphics are easy to apply and remove and the material does not tear or shrink. Our floor grpahics are made with a tough polyester that resists damage from heels and heavy weighted machinery, offering an R10 slip rating. This material is an ideal solution for professional, durable floor graphics and is ideal for retail, museum and commercial building use, plus many more.


Why should I choose floor graphics?

Our floor graphics are made to the highest quality and feature unique qualities that make them ultra durable. All of  our floor graphics are made to your custom specifications, giving you complete freedom over their design. Our Alcumus assured installation team are also able to apply all of our floor graphics, leaving you with a professional, effective floor display.

Are your floor graphics slip resistant?

Yes, all of our floor graphics are slip resistant.

Is there any size restrictions with your floor graphics?

No, we can make our floor graphics to any shape or size.

Are there any design restrictions with your floor graphics?

No, we use digital printers to create our floor graphics, allowing us to recreate any design with vivid colours and crisp images.


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