Fixed Flagpole Bases & Brackets

Our permanent flagpole fixing solutions!

Fixed flagpole bases and brackets offer a permanent flagpole fixing solution. Our permanent flagpole bases are designed to display your flagpole for a long period of time and make sure that your flagpole remains secure and safe.

We are able to supply a wide range of fixed flagpole bases and brackets to meet your requirements. Our product experts are able to advise you on the many options to ensure you get the right product first time. 

Whether you require an installation at one UK site or sites nationwide, our team can help. Maintenance contracts are available to ensure your flagpoles are kept in the best possible condition.




From wall mounting brackets to ground sleeves for our flagpoles we have it covered. We will ensure that you have the best base and bracket option to secure your flagpole, ensuring your flagpole and flag are displayed all year round.

All of our fixed flagpole bases and brackets are made to the highest standard and are designed to be installed permanently in your chosen display area. Our fixed flagpole bases and brackets can be used with our long lasting flagpoles, including our GRP flagpoles and our aluminium flagpoles.

Whether you want to display your flagpole from the ground or from a wall or a roof we will have a fixed flagpole base or bracket option for you. Choose the right base for you from:

  • Ground Sleeve
  • Tilt Plate
  • Angled Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Vertical Wall Mounting Bracket

We have an in house installation team who can install and maintain all of our flagpoles and our fixed flagpole bases and brackets. Our installation team have achieved an ISO standard for the quality of their installations and are also assured by the Alcumus Safe Contractor scheme. We always aim to provide a professional installation, leaving you with a high quality finished result. We can install our fixed flagpole bases and brackets into most environments, including soil, concrete or pavement, we can also install our permanent bases onto roofs and our brackets onto walls, making sure you can display your flagpole where you want. We also offer a range of maintenance contracts to help you get the most out of your fixed bases and brackets. Our maintenance contracts involve our team coming to inspect your flagpole and permanent bases regularly, making sure there are no damaged parts and replacing or repairing those parts that are. This helps to make sure your flagpoles and permanent bases and brackets are kept in their best condition and last longer.



Our ground sleeves are designed for our aluminium flagpoles and is used on both concrete and grass surfaces and we can install them for you. The ground sleeve is fixed into the ground, the flagpole is then secured inside the sleeve.

Our ground sleeves are the most common fixed flagpole base that we produce, these bases can be installed virtually anywhere. The ground sleeve is highly secure and holds your flagpole securely in place. Our ground sleeves are made to fit your flagpoles, helping to ensure that your flagpole fits neatly into the sleeve.

Aluminium - this is a highly durable material and is ideal for installing in the ground. 



Our hinged tilt plates are used with our GRP flagpoles and allows you to lower your flagpole due to the hinged plate. This is so you can easily clean and maintain your pole yourself and to bring it down during high wind.

Tilt plates are one of our most popular fixed flagpole bases and ensure that your flagpole can be displayed securely and is easy to maintained.

Galvanised Steel - this is an extremely hard wearing and durable material that will ensure that your flagpole is secure.


Our wall mounting brackets allow any aluminium or GRP flagpoles to be fixed to a wall vertically or at an angle. This helps those with very limited outside ground space by transforming their outside vertical space.

Wall mounting brackets are a very popular fixed flagpole bracket option as they allow you to display your permanent flagpoles from your buildings. Customers who buy our wall mounting flagpole brackets often choose our maintenance contracts as it can be challenging to look after your wall mounted flagpole as it is often hard to get to.

Mild Steel - this is a strong and durable material, helping to make sure your wall mounted flagpoles and angled flagpoles are secure.

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