Fascia Signs

Brand your buildings and attract customers!

Fascia signs are used on most shop fronts and often by house builders for their marketing suites and sales offices. Fascia signs help you brand your premises, making it clear who you are and attracting people in to visit you. We can produce a wide range of fascia signs, often made from our aluminium composite, Dibond. No matter what styles, size or design you want your fascia sign we can produce and install it for you.

  • Design Support
  • Bespoke Sizes
  • Installation Service
  • Produced Inhouse 



Fascia and shop front signs help you to brand your premises, and attract customers. Our fascia signs help you to create a professional branded display that stands out. We have supplied fascia signs for shop fronts, corporate offices and for marketing suite and sales offices on building sites. Fascia signs make it easier for customers to identify you, and clearly marks your buildings so they can be found easily. Our fascia signs are great to use alongside our directional signs, making it easier for your potential customers and visitors to find you.

Our fascia signs are made from a durable aluminium composite material called Dibond. This is a lightweight and weatherproof material that is durable and offers the ideal signage material solution for our fascia signs. Our fascia signs remain bright and stand out, helping you create a good first impression when customers visit.

We can produce a wide range of fascia signage styles, including fascia signs that feature cut out lettering. We aim to produce fascia signage that meet your display requirements and help reflect your brand fully. We are also able to create fascia signs using vinyl graphics, helping you to make the most out of your outdoor signage and making sure it is cost effective for you.

We are able to install all of our fascia signs, whether it be on a shop front, building front or a marketing suite or sales office. We have an Alcumus Safe Contractor assured installation team, who are able to travel to your location and install all of our signage. This will help leave you with a professional marketing suite with high quality signage.


All of our fascia signs are made to bespoke sizes, depending on the size of your display space. We use your measurements to make our fascia signs, making sure they fit your requirements.

Alongside being able to choose your own bespoke sized fascia sign we also offer different finishes, including curved fascia signs. This helps us to make sure our fascia signs fit with your building front, no matter what style it is.


Along with designing and supplying your fascia sign we also offer a professional installation service. Our accredited installation team will be able to install your fascia sign to a high standard, making sure it is secure and does not pose a risk to passers by, employees or customers. As part of our installation we often carry out site surveys making sure we adhere to all health and safety regulations, this also allows us to produce bespoke installation plans specific to your location. We can carry out simple or challenging installations depending on where you need your fascia signs installed too.

Our installation team is accredited by the Alcumus Safe Contractor scheme and has also achieved the ISO standard. This helps us to assure our customers that we carry out installations to the highest standard and make sure you are left with a professional installation of your fascia signs.


Why should I buy a fascia sign?

Our fascia signs are the ideal way of branding your shop front, building or marketing suite. We make our fascia signs to bespoke sizes, making sure they fit in your display space. All of our fascia signs use your unique designs and artworks making sure they stand out and representing your brand. Fascia signs are a great way of making your business stand out and easy to find by customers and visitors. All of our fascia signs are made to the highest standard and are durable and weatherproof, making sure they look great and last.

Can you help me design my fascia sign?

Yes, we have an in house design team who will be able to come up with fascia sign designs that match your brand and display requirements.

Is there a size limit when ordering fascia signs from you?

No, we can make fascia signs to any size and shape. Giving you the freedom to have the right signage for you.

Do you offer different fixing options for your fascia signs?

Yes, we have a range of different fixing options, making sure your fascia sign is fixed in the best way for your display environment.

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