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Flagpole Halyards

Raise your brand to great heights with our high quality flagpole accessories

We offer flagpole halyard rope in a range of different lengths. All of our flagpole halyards are highly durable, including moisture resistant, UV resistant and resistant to rot. We offer flagpole halyards that will fit all of the flagpoles we supply and other sizes if you don't have one of our flagpoles.

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Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

Flagpole halyards are used for displaying your flags on your flagpole. Your flagpole halyard will either be used externally on your flagpole, or internally. Flagpoles with an internal flagpole halyard are often safe and less prone to being damaged or vandalised.

Our flagpole halyards are sold by the meter, making sure you can choose the right amount of flagpole halyard you need for your flagpole. To make sure you have the appropriate length of flagpole halyard for your flagpole we recommend that you double the length of your pole and minus 1m, so if you had an 8m flagpole we would recommend a minimum of 15m of flagpole halyard. We have a choice of flagpole halyards, including:

Standard Halyard

Our standard flagpole halyards are ideal for use on flagpoles that feature an internal halyard system. Our standard halyards are 5.5mm thick and are extremely durable.

Heavyweight Halyards

Our heavyweight flagpole halyards are designed to be used with external halyard systems. They are 6mm thick and more robust than our standard halyard ropes.

We can supply and produce a range of other flagpole accessories, including flagpole cleats and flagpole finials, helping to make sure your flagpole is functional and looks professional. We also offer a range of security options for your flagpoles, helping to prevent them from being vandalised or damaged. We can supply replacement flagpole halyards if yours becomes damaged or worn.

Alongside our flagpoles and flagpole halyards we also offer maintenance contracts. This helps to keep your flagpoles and all of their accessories and parts in their best condition. Our bespoke flagpole maintenance contracts enable us to check your flagpole regularly; including a full inspection of your flagpole, flag changeover and replacement or repairing of worn or damaged parts. Our maintenance team will also clean your flagpoles and touch up your flagpole with paint where required. As part of our flagpole maintenance contracts, our team will replace and install new flagpole halyards if your flagpoles require it, making it easier for you as you won't have to install new flagpole halyards onto or into your flagpoles.

Product FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this product

Why do I need a flagpole halyard?

Flagpole halyards are essential for hoisting your flag and displaying your flag properly on your flagpole. All of our flagpole halyards are produced to the highest standard and are durable, making sure you can display your flag professionally. All of our flagpole halyards are supplied per meter, allowing you to choose a custom amount of flagpole halyard to fit your specific flagpoles. 

How do I know if I need to replace my flagpole halyard?

You can tell that your flagpole halyard needs replacing when the rope begins to fray and look worn. You should check your halyard regularly and look for signs of rope wear and tear.

How do I know how much halyard I need?

We recommend that you get at least double the length of your flagpole and minus 1m. So if you have a 6m flagpole, we suggest order 11m of halyard rope.

What's the difference between your standard halyard and heavyweight halyard?

Our standard halyard is slightly thinner and better designed for use with internal halyard flagpoles. Our heavyweight halyard is more durable and designed to be used with flagpoles with an external halyard system.

If I have an external flagpole halyard what other flagpole accessories do I need?

With an external flagpole halyard you will need a flagpole cleat. The cleat is attached to your flagpole and allows you to tie off your flagpole halyard, making sure that your flag is secure and flies correctly. The flagpole halyard will then attach to the top of the flagpole and allow you to hoist your flag up your flagpole.

How long does it take to deliver your flagpole halyard?

Our flagpole halyard is ready made in stock. As soon as your order is confirmed for your flagpole halyards we can despatch it to you, making sure that you receive your flagpole halyard as soon as possible.

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