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 We have produced thousands of handwavers at a time for our football club clients and for events so there is no job too large. Because our hand waving flags are produced in house at our UK head office we are able to offer fast turnaround times should you have a challenging deadline to meet. We supply our printed hand waving flags ready to use, with the flag attached to your chosen handle. 

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Custom hand waving flags are a low cost, high impact promotional tool that are ideal for boosting supporter participation, creating an atmosphere or creating a formal display at a national event.

All of our hand waving flags are produced in house at our head office in Cambridgeshire. This allows you to choose your bespoke sizes, shapes, materials and designs, making sure that your hand waving flags are completely unique to your brand. You are also able to choose your ideal printing method for you handwavers. We offer both digital printing and screen printing options depending on the size of your order and the designs. Digital printing is more cost effective for shorter print runs and if your have a complex design on your handwavers. Screen printing on the other hand is more cost effective for larger print runs.

We have completed thousands of orders for handwavers over the years, including producing hand waving flags for some of the biggest footbal teams like Chelsea and Tottenham and sporting events alike. We pride ourselves on being able to produce our custom handwavers with short time scales, so even if you need a last minute order we will be able to come up with a solution for you.

Alongside our custom printed hand waving flags we also have a range of national handwavers. These hand waving flags are ideal for national events and celebrations. These are available in a range of materials and sizes. Choose from our range of Union Jack hand waving flags, St George handwavers, Scottish hand waving flags, Welsh hand waving flags and Irish handwavers.

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We have a wide choice of materials to choose from for our custom hand waving flags, including:

Knitted Polyester -

Our standard flag material, knitted polyester is used both internally and externally. These flags are suitable for mirror image due to our digital print method. 90% of all flags produced in the UK are made from Knitted Polyester.

ECO Knitted Polyester -

This material is made from 100% recycled waste. It is fully recyclable (including in normal household recycling bins) and has the same properties as our standard Knitted Polyester.

Synthetic Paper -

A waterproof polypropylene that is used to make our hand wavers and bunting. It is lightweight and durable making it a great material for medium term usage. It has a tear resistant nature, for added longevity.

Card - 

This material is ideal for internal use. It is less durable than our Synthetic Paper and material options, but more cost effective.

Satin -

This fabric creates a luxurios feel. It is lightweight and ideal for hand waving flags, helping to bring a prestigious effect to your event or display.


We have a wide range of sizes for our custom hand waving flags, from small to large sizes.


Our standard hand waving flag sizes are:

15cm x 21cm suitable for a 25cm stick. (Plastic, paper and wooden dowel sticks available)

20cm x 30cm suitable for a 40cm stick. (Plastic, paper and wooden dowel sticks available)

30cm x 45cm suitable for a 60cm stick. (Paper and wooden dowel sticks available)

40cm x 60cm suitable for a 80cm stick. (Plastic, paper and wooden dowel sticks available)

60cm x 90cm suitable for a 120cm stick. (Plastic and wooden dowel sticks available)

70cm x 100cm suitable for a 120cm stick. (Plastic and wooden dowel sticks available)

We can also produce and supply bespoke sizes for all of our hand waving flags.

Please note that our paper handwavers are only available at 15cm x 21cm and 20cm x 30cm with plastic sticks. 


Is there a limit to the number of custom handwaving flags you can order?

No, we can produce thousands of handwavers at a time, so no matter how many hand waving flags you are looking for we will be able to produce them for you.

Which is the best material for custom handwavers?

There is no best material for our hand waving flags. All of our handwaver materials are ideal for different situations and usage options, including whether you want your handwavers single or double sided or whether you need waterproof handwavers.

We would like a Union Jack hand waving flag with my company logo printed on top, is this possible?

Yes, we can produce national handwavers which feature your business logos or promotional messages on top.

Are your custom handwaving flags supplied fully assembled on the stick?

Yes, we supply all of our handwavers, including our custom hand waving flags fully assembled, saving you time and making sure they are ready to use.

What materials and size sticks do you offer?

We can supply sticks of different lengths and material. As standard our handwavers use a plastic stick, but we can also offer wooden and paper sticks for more environmentally friendly options.

Is there a design limit for your custom flags?

No, most of our custom printed flags are digitally printed, allowing you to use any design. We use the latest digital printers, making sure that your custom hand waving flags feature vivid colours and crisp designs, helping your brand get noticed.

Do you offer quick turn around for hand Waving Flags?

Yes, we produce hand waving flags in house, ensuring we can offer shorter lead times and quick turnaround times. If you have a rush order don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be able to find a solution that suits your needs.



Our ECO Hand Waving Flags are made from fully recyclable paper which is also made partyl from FSC certified recycled paper. This makes them ideal for using at large scale events and celebrations, reducing the impact on the environment and the need for one time use plastics. We can produce our ECO Hand Waving Flags using our ECO Knitted Polyester.

This material is made from 100% recycled waste, with approximately 2 bottles used for every square meter of material produced. Using our ECO Hand Waving Flags helps you to show off your brand and promotional messages in a more environmentally sustainable way.

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