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Swing Signs

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The swing sign is a great lightweight, durable and inexpensive marketing solution for any business. It can be moved and repositioned with ease on a daily basis. The frame can either come in black or white. Our swing signs are ideal for using outside shops, car showrooms and forecourts and for marketing suites.

All of our swing signs are made to the highest standard and feature interchangeable swing panels, helping you to update your marketing messages and signage whenever you need to. We can print double sided or single sided panels, helping you to show off your promotional messages. All of our swing signs are weighted helping to make sure they are sturdy and reducing the risk of them blowing over. The durable nature of the swing sign makes them an ideal signage solution for outdoor promotions.

  • Lightweight
  • Changeable Image
  • White or black options
  • Durable





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Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

Swing SignsSwing signs are one of the most popular signage options. They are great at grabbing attention from passers by with short term promotions or advertising messages. Being portable you are able to place them wherever you like, being able to catch as much as attention as possible. You can also take them inside at the end of the day, making sure they are kept in their best condition.

Our swing signs have been used by a wide range of businesses, from retail shops and petrol stations to cafes and restaurants. We have also produced swing signs for car parks and for house builders. Swing signs are often used as direction signage, helping show customers and visitors the way to your business and also whether you are currently open or closed.

Our swing signs come with a 10kg base which makes it sturdy for external advertising and not to be blown over with the wind. With swinging panels, these signs are also extremely wind resistant, making them last longer than other sign alternatives. The frame is made from 32mm round steel making our swing signs very durable. Both panels can be removed and changed, allowing your advertising to be updated when you want to. Our swing signs allow you to have two different messages or two of the same message on each side. 

Product Specifications

The specifications for this product

Display area = 430mm x 625mm

Overall dimensions = 534mm x 811mm x 490mm

The base is made from black recycled PVC and weighs 10kg

The frame is made from a 32mm round steel tube, which is available as white or black powder coated.

The sign is supplied flat packed.

The self-adhesive vinyl will be supplied installed on the panel.

Product Usage Ideas

How our customers use swing signs

Automotive Forecourts

Many of your automotive customers add swing signs to their forecourt to promote sales, new car registrations and for wayfinding signage. They are easy to move and to change making them ideal for a changing showcase to customers. 

House Builders

Swing signs look great when used alongside other promotional materials and signage. Many of our house builder client use them as part of their marketing office branding across their new build sites. Matching them with PVC banners, hoarding and flags. 


Swing signs are extremely popular for retail use. They are ideal for displaying outside shops, showing off different promotional messages to passers by.

Product FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this product

Why should I buy a swing sign?

Swing signs are a versatile promotional display tool. They are great for using as directional signage or displaying your latest offers. Our swing signs have been used by a wide range of businesses from retail shops to cafes to petrol stations to house builders showing off their new show homes. All of our swing signs are produced to the highest standard and feature interchangeable swing panels, helping you keep your promotional messages and branding up to date. Swing signs can be placed wherever you want, the weighted base helps to prevent them from falling over. You can put your swing sign outside to display your promotional messages during the day and then easily move them inside when your business is closed, helping to protect your promotional display. Our swing signs use digitally printed vinyl graphics to dress the swing panels. This allows you to have any design, image or promotional message, with no limits to the colours. Our advanced digital printers recreate vivid colours and crisp designs, making sure your swing signs look great and grab attention.

Can I use any design with my swing sign?

Yes, all of our swing signs feature digitally printed graphics which are applied to the panels. This means that we can print any design, creating vivid colours and crisp images.

Can I have two different design printed on either side of my swing sign?

Yes, we can apply two different designs to each side of your swing sign panels.

Are your swing signs weather resistant?

Yes, all of our swing signs are design for outdoor use and all of them are weatherproof and durable.

Are they a suitable alternative to an A-Board?

Yes, swing signs are a great alternative to an A-Board.

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