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Free Standing Banner Frames

Boost your brand with our high quality banners


Free standing banner frames are ideal for large format banner displays. They are great for using at events and for short term promotions. All of the banners are interchangeable, allowing you to update your promotional messages as often as you needs to. We have produced free standing banner frames to a range of different industries including our house builder customers.

Free-standing banner frames are a lightweight method of displaying either one or two banners. This frame is sturdy, easy to assemble, and simply clicks together using push fit joints. Our banner frames are multi functional with the ability to be used as single or double sided displays.

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Custom Print
  • Material Options
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Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

Free Standing Banner FramesWe have produced lots of free standing banner frames over the years, including for the likes of car dealerships and house builders. All of our free standing banner frames are designed to stand by themselves for displaying on the ground. We have produced huge banner frames that have been used in places like airfields, helping you get your brand noticed.

Our banners frames are lightweight and durable, this gives them added longevity and makes it easier to transport. The frame can also be made to match your branded colours, using RAL colours, for a more professional look.

The banners can be changed as many times as you want, without having to change the frame. This gives you the freedom to update your promotional messages and designs.

We supply our free standing banner frames with ground pegs for when you are displaying them on soft ground, this helps to secure your free standing banner frame.

We supply a range of banners for our banner frames. You can choose between the available materials with cost effective and higher quality materials available. All of our banners are custom made to fit your frames, and feature your bespoke designs and artworks.

Our free standing banner frames look great when using alongside some of our other promotional display products, including our feather flags, helping you to create a high quality eye catching promotional display.

Product Materials

The materials used for this product

Our banner frames are made from lightweight durable aluminium.

You can choose your favourite banner materials to use with our banner frames. Our most popular materials are:

440gsm Standard PVC 
Our standard PVC is a durable material, which can be used for medium term displays. It also boosts weather resistant properties adding to its longevity. It is one of our lightweight PVC materials which are easier to transport and store.  

300gsm PVC Mesh
The PVC Mesh has similar properties to standard PVC meaning it is weather resistant but with the added bonus it is less vulnerable to wind damage.


Product Sizes

Our Range Of Sizes For This Product

Our banner frames are available with bespoke and standard sizes.

Standard Size Range


200 x 100 - Banner = 193cm x 90cm, Frame = 208cm x 105cm

300 x 100 - Banner = 295cm x 90cm, Frame = 310cm x 105cm

400 x 100 - Banner = 398cm x 90cm, Frame = 413cm x 105cm

500 x 100 - Banner = 500cm x 90cm, Frame = 515cm x 105cm

600 x 100 - Banner = 602cm x 90cm, Frame = 617cm x 105cm


Bespoke Sizes

Product Display Options

Display options ideal for this product

Our banner frames are easy to assemble with push fit joints. Each frame can be supplied with a carry bag as well as heavy duty pegs and a rubber mallet. 

The frame is ideal for both internal and external use and is a great way to get your brand noticed.

Product FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this product

Where can I use a free standing banner frame?

You can use our free standing banner frames in most locations. We can supply our banner frames with ground pegs when they are being displayed outdoors. Our banner frames are also ideal for indoor displays, helping you get your promotional messages and brands noticed.

What is the standard free standing banner frame size?

We have a range of standard sizes for our freestanding banner frames, ranging from 2m to 6m wide. We can also offer bespoke banner frames, including heavyweight banner frames for larger sizes. No matter how large you need your free standing banner frames we will be able to produce it for you.

How many banners can your free standing banner frames hold?

Our free standing banner frames can hold up to two banners, allowing you to display from either side of the banner frame and grab more attention.

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