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Y Band Outdoor Banner Stand

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The Y Band Banner Stand is a free-standing system which is ideal for use at both internal and external events, thanks to the weather resistant nature of the product. This display is quick and easy to assemble, reaching to a height of up to 2m due to the adjustable nature of the system. The base can be filled with sand or water, giving you a durable display which weighs in at 22kgs. Digital printing allows the use of full colour photographic images, recreating vivid, bright colours.

  • Custom Designs

  • Suitable for Indoors and Outdoors

  • Weather Resistant

  • Easy To Assemble





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Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

Y Band Outdoor Banner Stand

Our Y band outdoor banners can be used for a variety of display purposes. We have supplied Y band outdoor banners to the likes of sport teams, event organisers, retail shops, leisure centres and charities. All of our Y band outdoor banners are made bespoke to you, using your custom designs to brand your banner. We use digital printers to produce our banners, making sure that your banner features vivid colours and crisp designs, showing off your brand and promotional messages at their best.

Our Y Band outdoor banners feature interchangeable banners so they can stay up to date along with you. You can have as many banners as you need so you change your advertising when you need to. 

Transporting your folding Y Band Banner Stand couldn’t be easier. Just place it in the bag and you can take it anywhere.

The base to the Y Band Banner Stand is lightweight so it can be transported easily. It can also be filled with water or sand to provide extra weight to keep your message displayed at all times outdoors. The weighted base helps to make sure that your Y band outdoor banner is sturdy and reduces the risk of it falling over or causing injury.

Product Materials

The materials used for this product

The Y band banner is a great alternative to our roller banners, offering better durability and a more effective display when displaying outdoors. All of our Y band outdoor banners are made to the highest standard and feature interchangeable banners, allowing you to update your promotional displays whenever you need to.

Our Y band outdoor banners are made from So Flat PVC. So Flat PVC offers great weather resistance and durability. This material has an anti-curling feature which means that the banner will always remain straight rather than curl in at the sides, distorting your marketing.  

All of our Y band outdoor banners are digitally printed using the latest digital printing technology. This helps to make sure your banners look impressive and show off your brands and promotional messages to a high standard. All of our banner materials have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that they are durable and effective.

Product Sizes

Our Range Of Sizes For This Product

Our standard Y Band outdoor banner stand measures:

0.7m x 2.0m

Alongside our standard Y band banners we can also offer countour Y band banners, cut to the shap of your specific designs.

Product Display Options

Display options ideal for this product

The Y band outdoor banner has been designed with portability in mind, making it ideal for using at events and taking with you to display in different locations.

The Y Band outdoor banner display is easy to assemble, with a telescopic Y band pole, all you need do is pull the pole up and lock it in place. The bottom of the banner is attached to the base, making sure you banner is secure and doesn’t move in the wind. This helps to keep you banner taught and allows your promotional messages and branding to be seen at all times.

The plastic base is water fillable, helping it to stay in place when using outside. You are able to fill the base with sand to make it even heavier, this is ideal if you're displaying your Y band outdoor banner in an environment that is more vulnerable to the weather.

Product Artwork Templates

Use our standard templates for your design

Y Band Artwork Template

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