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Race marshal flags are an integral part of motorsport, providing communication to drivers during a rcae. There are different flag colours and designs to denote different situations, such as the yellow flag indicating danger, the green flag indicating that the road ahead is clear or the red flag to indicate the race has been stopped.

Our race marshal flags are made to the highest standard and adhere to strict design regulations. All of our race marshal flags are made in accordance to the regulations set out by the Motorsport Association. We supply our race marshal flags to lots of motorsport circuits across the UK, making sure they receive durable flags that look great and are clear and vibrant.

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Race Marshal Flags Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

It is important to get your race marshal flags just right, including the colours, shapes and sizes, in order to conform with strict regulations set by the MSA. All of our racing flags are manufactured at our head office in Cambridgeshire, where we ensure that they are made to the highest quality and conform with the regulations.

We use high quality materials to ensure that our racing flags are extremely durable and can put up with the stress of regular use during motorsport events.

We make sure that we adhere to the strict designs and patterns that are used on motorsport flags to make sure that all of your flags meet regulations. 

Our racing flags are available to buy individually or as part of a set. We can produce all types of race marshal flags, including:

  • Chequered Flag
  • Red Flag
  • Yellow Flag
  • Black Flag
  • Green Flag
  • Blue Flag
  • White Flag
  • Yellow & Red Flag
  • Black & White Flag
  • Black & Orange Flag

All of our race marshal flags can be supplied with a wooden handle, allowing you to use your race marshal flags as soon as possible and help you make sure that your motorsport events are carried out safely.

Technical Information

Things you may need to know before purchase

Product Materials

The materials used for this product

Our racing flags are made from Knitted Polyester, which is our standard flag material. Knitted polyester is used both internally and externally. These flags are suitable for mirror image due to our digital print method. 90% of all flags produced in the UK are made from Knitted Polyester.

All of our flags are supplied ready to fly. Our motorsport flags are finished with a sleeve, making it easy to insert onto a pole.

We can provide wooden dowel poles suitable for the flags at a 1m length.

Product Sizes

Our Range Of Sizes For This Product

Our motorsport flags are available in the following sizes:


85cm x 65cm

Chequered Flag

91cm x 91cm

International Events

80cm x 100cm (minimum for red flag only)

Race Marshal Flags FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this product

Why do I need race marshal flags?

Race marshal flags are mandatory for circuits holding any type of motorsport event. They are a key part of any race, providing key information for cars and drivers and maintaining track safety. Our race marshal flags are made to the highest standards and adhere to all regulations regarding the design, colours and sizes of the flags. We can provide our race marshal flag with a wooden handle, allowing you to use your flags as soon as you receive them. We make sure we use durable materials so that your race marshal flags can cope with the heavy usage of a circuit.

What is the standard race marshal flag size?

The standard race marshal flag measures 85xm x 65cm, with chequered flags measuring 91cm x 91cm. This is the regulated flag size set our by the Motorsport Association, making sure that your race marshal flags are in accordance with all rules.

Can you supply multiple full sets of race marshal flags?

Yes, we can produce full sets of race marshal flags, and as many sets as you need for your motorsport circuit. Buying all of your race marshal flags sets at one time means that all of your flags will be displayed to the same standard around the whole of your circuit, making sure they are clear and stand out for drivers whilst racing.

Can you supply race marshal flags with handles?

Yes, we can supply wooden handles for all of our race marshal flags, allowing you to use you race marshal flags straight away.

Do you sell chequered flags?

Yes, we have made thousands of chequered flags. Helping our motorsport customers to signal the end of the race. 


Customer Reviews

- Richmond Motor Group - 3rd Jul 2019 Each member of the team we have worked with have been fantastic, especially Rosie who is always available to help! Highly recommend. - James Tildesley - 19th Aug 2019 I highly recommend House of Flags! The products are of great quality and the customer service is first class with quick and efficient turnaround. Hannah was always available to answer any questions and help with any enquiries and is such a credit to the team. Thank you so much.

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