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Ceremonial Flagpoles

High quality hardwood finished with brass and a Prestigious design

Our range of high quality wooden ceremonial flagpoles are made from a high quality hardwood and finished with brass. The ceremonial flagpole can be used at both internal and external events and has the option of having a carry strap or a stand, helping to create a prestigious feel on any occasion.

Our ceremonial flagpoles can also be used for the Guard of Honour at football games or for other similar events. Alongside our ceremonial flagpoles we can also produce high quality, prestigious ceremonial flags. All of our ceremonial flags are hand sewn for a more luxurious feel for traditional events and occasions.

Our in-house design team create bespoke designs or amend existing artwork to ensure your flag is of the highest quality and perfect for your event. 

  • Base options
  • Custom flag designs
  • Strap option
  • Prestigious finish

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Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

Ceremonial FlagpolesOur ceremonial poles are available with our leather strap and bucket or a a range of wooden bases with brass fittings. This makes our ceremonial pole versatile and can be used for parades or displays.

We recommend that with our ceremonial flagpole you use a 1.6sqm flag. Our hand sewn flags are ideal for creating a professional finish for your ceremonial pole. Flags must be fitted with sleeve and ties to fit the pole and are recommended to have a gold fringing to complete the look.

The ceremonial pole is ideal for using at traditional events, parades and ceremonies. With a traditional look and matched with a traditional hand sewn flag you can be sure to create a prestigious atmosphere at any event or parade.

Our ceremonial flagpoles are produced in two parts with screw fit joints. This allows you to take the ceremonial flagpole apart after use, making it easier to transport and store.

You can choose your display options for your ceremonial flagpoles, including a range of base options, fitting various numbers of ceremonial flagpoles, or a holdall, allowing someone to carry the flagpole easily and in a professional display style. The holdall is a popular option when using our ceremonial flagpoles at parades and official events.

Product Materials

The materials used for this product

Our ceremonial poles are made from traditional dark hardwood and brass. These materials are high quality and long lasting and will help to make any event, ceremony or occasion special.

Product Sizes

Our Range Of Sizes For This Product

Our ceremonial flagpole measures 2.4m in total. This consists of two 1.2m dark wood sections with a central brass joint and end spear. This is an official ceremonial flagpole size and suits all prestigious events and parades. We recommend using a 1.6sqm sewn flag alongside our ceremonial flagpole, making sure your ceremonial flag display looks effective and in proportion.

Product Display Options

Display options ideal for this product

We have a carry strap which is a available in two different sizes to make it easy to carry the ceremonial flagpole during any event or parade.

We also have the following stand options:

  • 1 pole base
  • 2 pole base
  • 3 pole base 

Product FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this product

Why should I buy a ceremonial flagpole?

Our ceremonial flagpoles are designed to be used at official events and traditional parades. All of our ceremonial flagpoles are made from a high quality hardwood with brass joints and a brass spear to top the flagpole. This creates a prestigious effect and helps you to celebrate your parades and displays in a traditional way. We supply a range of display solutions for our ceremonial flagpoles, including a holdall for carrying the flags traditionally at events and bases which can hold up to three flagpoles at a time. 

What size flag do you recommend using with your ceremonial flagpoles?

We recommend using a 1.6sqm flag with our ceremonial flagpoles, this will help to ensure you have a professional looking flag to flagpole ratio when displaying your ceremonial flagpoles and flags at events. Our sewn flags are the ideal choice to use alongside our ceremonial flagpoles. They create a prestigious effect and can include extra finishing's such as gold fringing, helping to create a traditional, high quality display.

What is the best way to display your ceremonial flagpoles?

We supply bases and a leather strap and holdall for our ceremonial flagpoles. We supply hardwood and brass bases which can fit up to three ceremonial flagpoles at a time. This creates an effective display that shows off your prestigious ceremonial flagpoles and flags. Our leather strap and holdall is a traditional option, helping the flagpole bearer carry the flagpole. This is often used at events and parades, helping carry the weight of the ceremonial flagpole and ensuring the flag is displayed in a traditional manner.

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