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Modular Display Stands

promote your brand or message

Modular display systems allow you to adapt the size and shape of your exhibition stand. You are able to add as many panels as you like, creating different shaped and sized event spaces. 

All of our modular display stand feature fabric banners, making it easy to set up, store and transport your displays without damaging your banners.

Ou modular display stands are fully customisable allowing you to brand your stand with your company branding or even create an eye catching bespoke design. Finish your stand with a counter to provide the ideal central point to your exhibition. 

  • Bespoke design
  • Adaptable shape
  • Easy to assemble
  • Interchangeable banners

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Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

Modular Display StandsWe custom print our modular display stands in house at our head office in Cambridgeshire. This enables us to ensure that all of our modular exhibition stands are made to the highest standard and quality. You can choose between our fabric modular exhibition stands, including our Centro range and Tension Fabric Display Frame.

We have a range of modular display stands which are ideal for businesses that attend multiple events and need to adapt their exhibition stands to different sizes. All of our display stands are easy to assemble, saving you time when setting up your event. Fabric banners make it easier to set up, dismantle, transport and store your exhibition stand as they can be easily folded, with the risk of creasing or damaging the banners. 

Our modular display stands are height adjustable, allowing you to build taller or shorter displays. You are also able to change the shape and size of your exhibition stand by adding extra frames to the display. All of our fabric banners are interchangeable, allowing you to update your display messages. Carry cases are also included making it easier to transport you displays stands safely.

Our modular display stands are available in a range of different sizes. You can also use as many sections as you want to adapt the size of your display. If you are looking for an alternative check out our Branded Gazebo's.

Product Fabric Tension Frame

Our fabric tension modular display stand range

Our fabric tension frame modular display stands are one of our most versatile products. You are able to attach multiple frames together to create different shapes and layouts for your display stands. The fabric tension frames are made from lightweight aluminium that is durable and easy to transport. The banners are made from a stretch fabric, making sure that your display stand and promotional messages can always be seen clearly with no creases. All of our fabric tension frames are made to your bespoke sizes, including the height and widths of the frame, this allows you to create a truly unique display stand which is still adaptable and stands out at events and exhibitions.

This modular display stand is easy to set up, with simple instructions provided for the assemble of the frames. The fabric tension banners have a special plastic insert that slides into the grooves on the frames, making sure they are displayed tightly and show your brand off. There are lots of fixing options for our fabric tension frames as they can be used for a whole range of display reason as well as modular display stands. However, when using as a modular display stand we supply robust feet that make sure your fabric tension frames stand by themselves and don't fall over. 

We can supply our fabric tension frame modular display stands with a variety of different lighting options, including internal lighting and external lighting. This helps your display stand grab attention and stand out at any event or exhibition. You can also choose to have a double sided frame, allowing your display stand to be seen from all angles.

For more information on our fabric tension frames, including other uses and features click here.

Product Centro

Our centro modular display stand range

Our Centro modular display stands are a popular modular display stand system. This modular display stand system features aluminium poles which have the ability to connect multiple fabric banners together. You are able to change the shape and layout of your display stand by using different grooves in the aluminium poles. You are even able to attach one pole on top of another, doubling the height of your display stand.

This modular display system is easy to set, using a simple Allen key to attach the different poles and banners, making it easy for your event team to set it up on the day and take it down afterwards.

The Centro modular display stand system is available with a range of lighting options and there are also options to add your own screens and extra features to the display stand. All of the fabric or PVC banners are interchangeable, allowing you to use your modular display stand time and time again.

Product FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this product

What is the difference between a modular display stand and a normal display stand?

Modular display stands are much more versatile that our standard display stands. Our modular display stands are adaptable, allowing you to changes the sizes, heights and widths of your display stands. This type of display stand is ideal if you attend lots of exhibitions and are allocated different size display spaces at each one. Our modular display stands are popular amongst our school and university customers who attend school and university fairs. We offer two types of modular display stands, both of which feature interchangeable banners, and allow you to change the shape, size and layout of your display stand.

Can you change the height of your modular exhibition stands?

Yes, our modular display stand can be doubled in height by adding extra stands on top of each other.

Can you change the shape of you modular exhibition stands?

Our modular exhibition stands can be fitted together to create any shape you like.

Are you modular exhibition stands easy to transport?

Yes, we include a carry case that can be used to transport and store our modular display stands.

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