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Backpack Flags

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Backpack Flag
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Our backpack flags are a lightweight, cost effective way of promoting and advertising your brand, product or service whilst on the move at any indoor or outdoor event and within larger crowds.

  • Bespoke designs
  • Shape options
  • Lightweight
  • Attention grabbing





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Backpack Flags Product Description

Things you may need to know before purchase

Backpack FlagsAll of our backpack flags are made to the highest standard and use durable, high quality materials. We have tested our backpack flags to ensure they are comfortable and effective, making sure your flags look great at all times and can be display comfortably for long periods of time.

The lightweight backpack is made with breathable material, and padding. The shoulder straps and waist straps are adjustable for optimum comfort. There is a spacious back pocket and side pockets to store extra promotional materials and literature, allowing the wearer to have two free hands during events.

We supply the whole kit, including the backpack and a fully customised printed flag. All of our backpack flags have interchangeable flags, giving you the freedom to change your promotional messages for each event.

Backpack flags can be used at most outdoor events and can be seen over the crowd, making them the ideal promotional tool. They are great for handing out promotional literature like flyers and programmes as your hands are free to hand out your marketing material, making selling and promoting your products easier on the go. Our backpack flags have also been used by charities who are taking part in sporting events as they can promote their cause on the go.

Our backpack flags are great when used alongside other promotional display products such as banners and feather flags. Using the same design for all of your promotional displays will help event attendees and customers recognise your employees. When selling programmes and other products our backpack flags will also assure customers that your employees are selling official products and merchandise.

Technical Information

Things you may need to know before purchase

Product Materials

The materials used for this product

backpack flagBack pack flag

Our back pack flags are digitally printed onto 115gsm knitted polyester. This is our standard flag material which can be used both internally and externally. These flags are suitable for mirror image due to our digital print method.


Our lightweight flagpoles are made from an aluminium tube and fibre rod.

Back pack 

The back pack is made from a PU coated nylon, making our products very durable.

Product Artwork Templates

Our Range Of Sizes For This Product

backpack flagWe have two standard back pack flag shapes, including:

The standard feather shape measures 0.5m x 1.24m.

Feather Artwork Template

The tear shaped flag measures 0.44m x 1.1m.

Tear Artwork Template

In total the backpack flag system weighs 2.5KG.

Product Assembly

Assembly for this product

Our back pack flags are easy to assemble and transport. The back pack has a clip feature to ensure that the flagpole is securely attached to the backpack. The back pack flags are fully interchangeable, giving you the freedom to change you promotional messages whenever you need. The set weight including a flag is 2.5kg.

Backpack Flags FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this product

Why should I buy a backpack flag?

Backpack flags help you to promote and grab attention whilst on the move at events. Our backpack flags have a handy pocket helping you store marketing literature, merchandise and products, leaving the wearer with free hands. All of our backpack flags are produced to the highest standard and are comfortable to wear. The flag and flagpole is lightweight, ensuring that the wearer is comfortable. Backpack flags are ideal for employees selling programmes, merchandise and products on the move. When the flag uses the same designs as other promotional display products such as banners and flags, they help to identify your employees as official, building trust and encouraging more customers to buy official programmes. All of our backpack flags have interchangeable flags, allowing you to update your promotional messages at different events.

What material is the flag made from for your backpack flags?

Our backpack flags are made from 115gsm Knitted Polyester which is our standard flag material and used on over 90% of all the flags in the UK. This ensures that your backpack flag will look great and also be durable and effective at displaying your promotional messages and brands.

Are your backpack flags adjustable?

Yes, the backpacks used for our backpack flags are fully adjustable, making sure they are comfortable for the wearer.


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